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What makes LUX Media 501 better?

LUX Media 501 is dedicated to creating well designed, eye catching, informative, useful and successful presentations. Whether it's a web site, an animated slide show, or a live event the goal is always the same - engage the viewer.

Our technological prowess is matched with a keen sense of design to create presentations that attract, entertain and inform. If there's a call to action, our presentations get results.

Our History

We've been working on the Internet since its inception. We've watched the Internet grow from a text-based medium to an interactive broadcast medium. We know what works online.

We've produced some of the largest Internet broadcasts, designed cutting-edge streaming media presentations, and devised Internet media strategies for customers around the world. Our client list reads like a "Who's Who" of non-profit organizations. We are regularly asked to present at conferences and run training workshops year after year.

Our Approach

Non-profit organizations have a unique challenge - they have to get their message out in a media-saturated world working under tight budgetary restraints. And what's more, they have to convince their audience to get involved, whether it's signing a petition or making a donation.

We believe the Internet is the perfect solution, because by definition it is an interactive medium. However, standing out in a sea of information requires the right message married to exemplary design.

We can help you focus your message, and present it in an attractive interface. We can grow your electronic mailing lists. We can make sure your site is optimized for search engines and drive more traffic to your site.

Whether it's a simple streaming media presentation or a complete re-branding and web site redesign, let LUX Media 501 help you get the most out of your Internet presence.


Halley Bock - Principal

Halley has been working in interactive media for ten years, beginning with high-definition broadcasts back in 1992. Halley also spent four years at RealNetworks producing large-scale streaming media broadcasts as well as managing programming projects such as Take 5.


Steve Mack - Principal

Steve Mack is a well-recognized industry figure, being a veteran of some of the most prestigious Internet broadcasts produced, as well as the author of the Streaming Media Bible. He regularly presents at industry conferences and is a regular contributor to


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