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Outreach International

Since 1979, Outreach International has been working with the world’s poor to help them build a better life. Their mission is simple: to help the poor help themselves. LUX Media 501 has been called in to overhaul their existing site giving them the ability to fully leverage their online presence.

The new site (launching in late March) is built on our own Content Management System giving Outreach a feature-rich site while putting the ability to update content in their hands. The new site will also make use of LUX's 501 Slideshow Tool along with existing video footage to communicate their story and mission.

With Grace

LUX Media 501 is also developing the website for With Grace — an organization that provides training and services to the under-employed. With Grace is a very small organization that places value on the Internet and the vast audience and donation opportunities available.

LUX Media 501 not only designed the website from groun-up, but also developed their brand identity. No matter what your needs, LUX will deliver.


Click below to view a before and after shot.

Click here to view the home page from the upcoming site.

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