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LUX Media's deepest roots are in production.

In fact, many of the largest and most prestigious Internet broadcasts were produced by the LUX Media team. From single camera verite filming at the Sundance Film Festival to multi-camera shoots at music festivals, LUX Media has produced them all.

We have a world-class server network that can handle thousands of simultaneous connections. For larger events, we have bandwidth partners that enable us to broadcast to any audience size.

We can produce your entire event, or just the part of it you need help with. In fact, some of our clients produce their own live events, using the LUX Media 501 servers to distribute their live streams.

Service Portfolio

U2 Live at Notre Dame ACLU Audio Chats GMU Live Broadcasts

U2 partnered with RealNetworks to broadcast the first date of their 2001 American tour. RealNetworks decided to use the team responsible for their biggest events - LUX Media.

On a smaller scale, we regularly produce the ACLU's "Web Chats" series. And George Mason University uses the LUX Media 501 servers to reach a larger audience for their live broadcasts.

Click here to read more and watch or listen to clips.


LUX Media 501 developed a Flash- based audio slideshow tool for UNICEF USA.

UNICEF USA and their field reporters can now easily produce and deliver rich multimedia presentations to their constituency from anywhere in the world.

To view the presentation, click here.

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